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Hardwood floor refinishing



"No Sanding"  Hardwood Floor Restoration


Our Unique Style of Hardwood Floor Restoration

Olson Marble and Stone Care provides a unique service on all of our jobs. Restoring your hardwood floors typically means covering all of your furniture and belongings and having to move out until the job is done. Then comes the cleanup from the dust storm.   


     With our European hardwood refinishing method, we provide a 99% dust free process utilizing our state of the art equipment where we take your floors surface to its original state then re-stain with the color of your choice. We then seal the floor in your choice of gloss, satin or a matte finish.



Tile Cleaning /  Grout Cleaning, Repairing and Sealing

Tile Cleaning


     We utilize state of the art hot water extraction to clean and restore your ceramic, porcelain, concrete or sautile tiles. When we are satisfied that your tile has returned to its original luster, we then have a variety of sealers appropriate to your type of tile ensuring they will stay clean for years to come. We also clean and polish marble and other natural stone tiles.

Click this link for Natural Stone information

Grout Cleaning, Repairing and Sealing
     We offer grout repair services including grout staining, replacement, and sealing. We offer damage repair to all

natural interior and exterior stone. Repairs include scratches, cracks, divots and grinding of uneven surfaces.

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