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Garage Floor Epoxy -That Show Room Finish; Concrete Cleaning, Polishing and Staining

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Transform Your Garage into a Stunning Space with Olson Marble and Stone Care; Concrete Cleaning, Polishing and Staining

We've all seen that house—the one with the open garage that leaves neighbors envious. Everything is immaculate, shining, and perfectly organized. But what stands out the most? The floor! It looks like something straight out of an exotic car dealership—a true showstopper.

While Olson Marble and Stone Care can't make you an organizational freak or magically keep your garage spotless, we can recommend a true expert in the San Francisco Bay Area: Karen Rolleri, the award-winning organization queen at "Organizeology" (visit her website here:

We're honored that she trusts us to enhance her customers' garage floors with a custom, jaw-dropping epoxy finish!

Choosing the right epoxy contractor is crucial, and at Olson Marble and Stone Care, we meet all the necessary criteria: full insurance coverage, proper licensing, extensive experience, and in-depth knowledge of epoxy applications. Don't hesitate to ask questions about our methods and products. With countless epoxy brands available, it's important to note that superior products usually come at a higher cost. Unfortunately, some contractors may try to maximize profits by using inferior materials. Rest assured, at Olson's, we never compromise on product quality and only work with the best options. We understand that the unique climate of the Bay Area plays a significant role in determining the most suitable epoxy for each project.

With Olson Marble and Stone Care, you too can have that showroom floor, just like your neighbor Mr. Jones. We offer a wide array of coatings and colors to suit everyone's preferences. During our consultation, we'll discuss various options, including coloring, metallic flake effects, custom designs, borders, and textures.

Epoxy coatings are a significant upgrade from standard concrete floors. They are not only cleaner, more durable, and easier to maintain but also address concerns about slipperiness. We offer anti-skid epoxy coatings and "texturized mix-ins" to ensure safety, even when the floor is wet.

As with any project, proper floor preparation is crucial for achieving optimal results and long-lasting durability. Before applying the epoxy coating, we meticulously clean your floor using our high-pressure washer mounted on our truck. For concrete surfaces, we'll fill in cracks and patch any areas that require repair before proceeding with the cleaning process. Oil spots are removed, and the floor is degreased. Thorough vacuuming eliminates all dust and debris, leaving behind a clean and smooth surface.

To ensure your floor effectively bonds with the epoxy coating, it must be etched. We apply an acid solution, followed by power scrubbing, rinsing, and thorough drying.

With the floor properly prepped, we can confidently apply the selected epoxy coats in your chosen style. Whether it's water-based or oil-based epoxies, metallic epoxies, urethanes, or super tough poly-aspartic coatings, our team works with precision and meticulous attention to detail.

An epoxy garage floor not only enhances the value of your home but also adds beauty and simplifies maintenance. Simply hose it down regularly and use a long-handled squeegee to dry it off effortlessly.

For over 37 years, Olson Marble and Stone Care has proudly served San Jose and the Greater Bay Area. We are the number one choice for all your interior and exterior concrete cleaning, polishing, and staining needs.

Contact Olson Marble and Stone Care today, and let us transform your garage into a stunning space with a showroom-worthy epoxy finish that will leave everyone in awe!

Concrete Cleaning, Polishing and Staining
Concrete Cleaning, Epoxy Floor Coating

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