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Revitalizing Outdoor Brick, Concrete Paver and Natural Stone Cleaning Polishing and Sealing

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Understanding Common Issues Affecting Outdoor Hardscapes

Imagine sitting in your backyard, savoring your morning coffee and admiring the newly installed rustic natural stone retaining wall that you invested so much in. However, your enjoyment is interrupted when you notice an unsightly white film blooming on the surface of your pristine stone. What could be causing this? The culprit is efflorescence – the migration of salts to the surface of brick, concrete pavers, or retaining walls, resulting in a white, chalky appearance. Efflorescence can darken when wet but reappears when the surface dries.

Another issue that can mar the natural beauty of your outdoor hardscapes is calcium buildup. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, where hard water is prevalent, means dealing with water loaded with minerals, especially calcium. These calcium deposits, often referred to as lime buildup, accumulate just below the surface of the material. While water splashes may not affect its appearance, the calcium buildup can detract from the stone's natural beauty.

Both efflorescence and calcium buildup can serve as indicators of water damage. Evaporating water pushes minerals in the material towards the surface, causing these conditions to occur. Factors such as sprinklers and water runoff exacerbate the situation. Additionally, climate plays a role, particularly in regions with high humidity. While the San Francisco Bay Area is fortunate to have minimal issues with moss or algae growth, the UV radiation from our abundant sunshine can cause damage to soft materials like marble or limestone. Polished marble and limestone may lose their gloss and appear bleached out. Moreover, climates exposed to frost and thaw can permanently stress the stone surface, with limestone being more sensitive to frost than harder stones like granite.

Staining is another common problem that affects outdoor hardscapes. Various substances can cause discoloration, such as oil, grease, and uncleaned spilled foods around outdoor grilling stations. Rust formation is particularly unsightly and occurs when the stone contains high amounts of iron and is exposed to standing water.

All these factors contribute to the loss of luster in your outdoor hardscapes. Over time, the initial sealant applied during installation wears away, leaving the stone dull, faded, and more susceptible to staining. However, the good news is that all of these issues can be resolved with professional help.

Professional Solutions for Outdoor Hardscape Revitalization, Natural Stone Cleaning Polishing and Sealing

At Olson Marble and Stone Care, we specialize in revitalizing outdoor brick, concrete paver, and natural stone surfaces. Our expert technicians utilize high-speed pressure washing techniques combined with industry-leading chemicals and cleaners to address each specific issue. We understand which products to use for efflorescence, calcium buildup, staining, and other common problems. With our mastery in application, we ensure optimal results.

To restore the natural beauty of your outdoor hardscapes, we employ color enhancers that bring out the stone's inherent vibrancy. Additionally, we apply the right sealer to provide long-lasting protection, preserving the beauty of your brick, concrete paver, or natural stone for years to come.

With over 37 years of experience serving San Jose and the Greater Bay Area, Olson Marble and Stone Care has earned the reputation of being the number one choice for revitalizing outdoor hardscapes. Trust us to bring new life to your outdoor spaces.

Contact Olson Marble and Stone Care today and experience the transformative power of our professional cleaning, polishing, and sealing services for outdoor brick, concrete paver, and natural stone surfaces.

Revitalizing Outdoor Brick, Concrete Paver and Natural Stone Cleaning Polishing and Sealing
Revitalizing Outdoor Brick, Concrete Paver and Natural Stone Cleaning Polishing and Sealing

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