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Stained Marble Surface? Let Me Tell You About Poultices! Marble Cleaning, Polishing and Sealing

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Removing Stains from Marble Made Easy with Professional Poultices; Marble Cleaning, Polishing and Sealing

When we hear the word "poultice," we often imagine a traditional remedy, a soft, heated mass applied to sores or lesions. However, in today's world, poultices have evolved into pastes with gritty textures used for cleaning. In the restoration industry, poultices play a crucial role in removing stains from marble surfaces.

Marble is undeniably stunning, and we love having it throughout our homes. However, unlike its cousin granite, which is more resistant to stains, marble is porous and prone to staining. Whether you have honed or polished marble, dealing with stains can become a concern.

Although your marble was likely sealed when it was installed, the effectiveness of the sealant diminishes over time, especially with daily cleaning using soaps and harsh chemicals. Stains can be caused by various substances, such as coffee, tea, fruits and vegetables high in beta carotene (like carrots, beets, and blueberries), hard water containing minerals, as well as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, which can leave dull spots.

If you catch these stains early on, you can try a simple homemade poultice to potentially remove the stain yourself. By mixing a generous tablespoon of baking soda with a small amount of water to create a thick paste, you can create an effective poultice. For stubborn stains, you can add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. The mixture should resemble a thick pancake batter. Clean the stained area with soap and water, ensuring it is thoroughly dry. Apply the paste to the stain and allow it to sit overnight. The next morning, the poultice will have dried and become flaky. Gently scrape off the dried poultice using a firm plastic spatula to avoid scratching the surface. Once again, wash and dry the area. Hopefully, this method will have taken care of the stain. If not, it's time to call the professionals!

At Olson Marble and Stone Care, we specialize in removing unsightly stains from marble floors, countertops, showers, walls, and any other surface. With decades of experience, we can identify the type of stain, assess its age, and determine the appropriate strength of poultice needed for effective removal. At Olson's, we have a range of professional-grade poultices specifically designed for various types of stains.

Once we have successfully removed the stain and restored your surface to its original luster, we will apply a high-quality sealant to help prevent future stains, such as the dreaded coffee ring, from permanently settling in. So, don't let that unsightly yellow stain on your beautiful marble countertop ruin its appearance any longer.

Give Olson Marble and Stone Care a call, and we'll bring our powerful poultice to the rescue!

With over 37 years of experience, Olson Marble and Stone Care has been serving San Jose and the Greater Bay Area. We are the number one choice in the San Francisco Bay Area for all your interior and exterior marble cleaning, polishing, and sealing needs.

Contact Olson Marble and Stone Care today to restore the beauty of your marble surfaces and bid farewell to stubborn stains once and for all.

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Marble Cleaning, Polishing and Sealing
Marble Cleaning, Polishing and Sealing

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