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Understanding Your Marble and How to Care for it: Marble Cleaning, Polishing and Sealing

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

The Beauty of Marble in Various Forms

Marble, renowned for its stunning beauty, is a popular choice among homeowners for showers, vanity tops, countertops, backsplashes, and flooring. Its versatility and elegance make it a showstopper in any setting.

Different Finishes and Their Characteristics

Marble comes in a range of options, from full slabs to cut tiles, offering endless combinations of colors, veining, and finishes. The two main finishes, honed and polished, each have unique characteristics that affect the appearance of marble.

Dealing with Stains: A Common Challenge

Marble, being more porous than other countertop materials, requires extra care when it comes to preventing stains. While marble is typically sealed during installation to protect against stains, the effectiveness of the sealer diminishes over time with regular cleaning using soaps and harsh chemicals.

Scratches on Marble: A Cautionary Note

Due to its composition of calcium carbonate, marble is relatively softer compared to other natural stones, making it prone to scratches. The visibility of scratches varies depending on the type of finish, with polished marble highlighting them more prominently.

Etching: Understanding and Minimizing Damage

Etching occurs when acidic liquids or foods are left uncleaned on marble surfaces. Lemon juice, tomato products, and certain cleaners containing alcohol or ammonia are common culprits. Etching creates a dull area on the marble, and its visibility depends on the type of finish.

Essential Care Tips for Marble

To maintain the pristine condition of your marble, it is crucial to take proper care. Promptly clean up spills and avoid pooling liquids. Olson Marble and Stone Care recommends using StoneTech KlenzAll cleaner for effective cleaning and preparing the stone for sealing. The recommended sealers are water-based BulletProof from StoneTech and solvent-based Stain-Proof from DryTreat, which help prevent liquid penetration and staining.

Professional Restoration and Maintenance

Over time, marble may require professional restoration to rejuvenate its original shine. At Olson Marble and Stone Care, certified professionals evaluate the surface and determine the most effective refinishing process. Techniques such as hot-water rotary extraction, high-speed chemical polishing and honing, or diamond grinding may be employed, ensuring customer satisfaction and long-lasting results.

Trust Olson Marble and Stone Care for Marble Cleaning, Polishing and Sealing

Customers throughout the valley, including Los Altos Hills, Atherton, Hillsborough, Los Gatos, Silver Creek, Monte Sereno, and Saratoga, trust Olson Marble and Stone Care for their natural stone and marble cleaning, polishing, and sealing needs at competitive prices. Consistency in pricing is guaranteed across San Jose, the Bay Area, and even Pebble Beach.

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Jack Hayes
Jack Hayes
May 01, 2021

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