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What Type of Stone Flooring is Right for You? Possibly a Polished and Sealed Marble Floor?

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

No matter the interior style of your home, there is a perfect stone flooring option waiting to elevate your space. When it comes to the entrance of an upscale home, nothing exudes elegance and panache quite like a marble floor. Its timeless beauty is sure to make a lasting impression. On the other hand, if you're considering stone for a basement rec room where the kids spend their playtime, you'll want something hardwearing and durable like limestone, which can withstand their energetic activities with ease.

Stone Flooring: Beauty and Durability

Stone floors are not just aesthetically pleasing; they are built to stand the test of time. With proper care and timely restoration services, these floors can last for decades, preserving their natural allure. Their unmatched combination of beauty and durability makes stone floors a top choice for any home flooring project. For instance, the wear resistance of stone makes it a practical option for high-traffic areas like kitchens and hallways. In a living room, the addition of marble brings a touch of sophistication and class. Alternatively, the pairing of flagstone flooring with a warm rug creates a cozy and rustic ambiance perfect for bedrooms.

Different Stone Flooring Types

Now, let's explore the different stone flooring types available:

1. Marble: If you seek unparalleled luxury and class, marble is the way to go. With its myriad colors and patterns, marble provides a veneer of opulence and style. Its innate translucence and potential for customization make it a versatile choice. However, it should be noted that marble comes at a higher price point and is best suited for areas that are not subject to heavy wear and tear.

2. Limestone: For a durable stone with a rustic appearance, limestone is an excellent option. Available in various natural colors, limestone offers versatility and unique charm. It allows you to select stones that perfectly complement the character of your home. Limestone also comes with varying densities, providing enhanced durability and stain resistance.

3. Slate: Embracing the beauty of simplicity, slate flooring captivates with its smooth backs, while the showing surface has an unrefined look. Popular among country-style homes, slate effortlessly harmonizes with rustic themes. Its low maintenance and water resistance make it ideal for kitchens and central rooms.

Choosing the Perfect Stone Flooring

Choosing the stone for your floor is a significant decision that involves both material costs and installation expenses. It's crucial to make an informed choice to ensure your satisfaction in the long run. Consider the following factors:

· Room suitability: Each stone flooring type has its own characteristics that make it more suitable for certain rooms. Assess the requirements of your space before making a decision.

· Desired look: Determine the aesthetic appeal you want to achieve. Whether it's the elegance of marble or the rustic charm of limestone, choose a stone that aligns with your vision.

· Budget considerations: Different stone types vary in price. Consider your budget and explore options that fit within your financial means.

Revive Your Stone Floors with Professional Restoration Services; Polished and Sealed Marble Floor

Over time, even the most well maintained stone floors may show signs of wear and tear. That's where professional stone restoration services come in. At Olson Marble and Stone Care, we specialize in Polished and Sealed Marble Floors. Our expert team utilizes specialized techniques and commercial-grade equipment for cleaning, repairing, stain-proofing, and polishing. Witness the astounding results as we bring back the vibrancy and beauty of even the dullest marble, granite, slate, or limestone in no time. Choose stone floor restoration for long-lasting results that will be admired by your family and friends for years to come. Schedule a free estimate today and let us transform your home's ambiance!

Olson Marble and Stone Care have been serving San Jose and the Greater Bay Area for over 37 years. We are the San Francisco Bay Area's NUMBER ONE choice for ALL your Interior and Exterior Natural Stone and Concrete Solutions!

For more information, please visit our Natural Stone Restoration page

A Beautiful Marble Floor
Polish and Seal Marble Floor

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