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But What About My Grout?

Updated: Feb 21

The majority of grout used today and that has been used throughout time is cement based. Cement based grout is inherently porous. Cement-based grout must be properly sealed to avoid absorbing moisture, oils and dirt which can cause it to become stained and sometimes nearly impossible to clean. Moisture that has been trapped can also create growth of black mold which is not only unsightly but hazardous as well.

Eventually, even properly sealed grout will lose its protective coating which is why yours might look dull, filthy, dingy and possibly could be cracked or crumbling and after so many cleanings it can be altogether eroding away.

OK, So my grout is disgusting, moldy and missing in spots. What do I do?

Olson’s Marble and Stone Care to the rescue! Whether you have natural stone, porcelain or ceramic tiles we start with a thorough cleaning from out high powered truck mounted system. If your grout is in good condition we will then use the best professional grout cleaner available to scrub away all mold, bacteria and built on grime. After a thorough drying, we apply our professional grout sealer. If your grout has eroded away in areas, we can re-grout over the low and missing areas. Re-grouting as compared to replacing all of your grout is a huge money saver with an equally exceptional outcome. Using an epoxy based grout over the cement based grout is a great option as it is much stronger, waterproof and much more stain resistant. Once we’ve completed our magic, it’s time to teach you how to keep it looking like new.

Be sure your grout is cleaned regularly. Grout that has been ignored for a long time becomes hard to clean for you and a longer and more costly job by a professional. One method that has been used widely is bleach, but is bleach really the best option for your grout? Bleach, just like in your laundry has the power to whiten, which sometimes makes it a good option especially if you are trying to get rid of stains or even black mold. But bleach may not be a good option with colored grout as it will change the color of your grout the same as it can change the color of clothes. This is especially noticeable with bold colored grout. So even though cleaning with bleach seems like a good idea because of it’s disinfecting and whitening properties, and at times may be, it does also have it’s setbacks including fading or dulling of colors and also when mixed with other cleaners it can become very toxic.

Another option is to use very hot water to surface clean the grout, then spray a mixture of distilled vinegar diluted with the equal amount of water. Allow this mixture to sit for a while to kill any mold or bacteria and loosen the dirt. Then scrub away with a soft bristled brush. Vinegar being very acidic should not be used on a regular basis as it will eventually begin to eat away the sealer and then the grout itself.

After the Olson’s Marble and Stone Care technicians restore your grout to its original glory, we make sure to take time with our customers ensuring they know how to keep grout clean going forward. We’ll instruct you on how to select the best cleaners to use for your specific grout and how to avoid cleaners that that can damage grout such as highly acidic chemical cleaners and recommend pH-neutral soap-free cleaners.

Using these kind of cleaners regularly will keep your grout healthy, strong and looking good for years to come without compromising its integrity or color.

Additionally, to inhibit the possibility of mold growth, make sure to dry the surfaces well after cleaning or any spills. Just as with anything else, you take care of your grout and it will take care of you.

Sometimes jobs are just too tough to tackle on your own and grout can be one of those. You can have the most beautiful and immaculate room, but if the grout is filthy and stained it will ruin the entire aesthetic. That is when it’s time to call Olson’s. We can tackle even the toughest grout issues.

At Olson Marble and Stone Care, we have been serving San Jose and the Greater Bay Area for over 38 years. We are the San Francisco Bay Area's NUMBER ONE choice for ALL your Interior and Exterior Natural Stone, Tile and Concrete Restorative Solutions!

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