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Have Dull Hardwood? Here’s how to bring them back to life! No Sanding Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

An Easy and Cost-Effective Solution for Restoring Shine to Your Hardwood Floors; No Sanding Hardwood Floor Refinishing

After giving your house a fresh coat of paint and adding new furniture, you can't help but notice that your hardwood floors look worn, dull, and tired. Now you're faced with a decision: Should you attempt to refinish them yourself or hire a professional? How difficult can it be, right? Just rent some sanding equipment, buy the necessary supplies, and get to work. But hold on, the costs and efforts involved are starting to overwhelm you. There must be a better way to restore the shine to your floors, especially when you don't have major scrapes or gouges.

Well, with Olson Marble and Stone Care, there is indeed a better way. Our no-sanding hardwood floor refinishing service offers a practical solution without the need for sanding, excessive expenses, or the inconvenience of moving out. We understand that not all floors can be easily sanded, especially prefinished or laminated wood floors. Laminated floors, whether glue-down or floating, have a thin layer of attractive wood veneer over plywood, making them unsuitable for extensive sanding without risking damage to the plywood.

By choosing our no-sanding method, you save significant time, energy, and money compared to hiring a professional or renting equipment and buying products yourself. Most floors experience basic wear and tear, where high traffic areas wear down the protective urethane layer, resulting in a dull and dirty appearance while potentially damaging the wood itself. Olson Marble and Stone Care's system provides a protective barrier that safeguards your hardwood from severe damage.

Our high-tech cleaning system, combined with state-of-the-art pads and cleansers, prepares the floor for the reapplication of a protective coating. We always use the best products available, ensuring the use of high-end urethane with a catalyst in our no-sanding hardwood floor refinishing process. Beware of companies that apply acrylics or inferior urethanes to your flooring. We offer four finish options: ultra-matte, matte, semi-gloss, and gloss. In the majority of cases, this procedure can be completed in just one day, and you can walk on the floors by 7 pm on the same evening.

Our method is incredibly versatile. We can apply it to designated rooms or specific areas within rooms, seamlessly blending it with adjoining rooms or areas that didn't require refinishing. The difference will be virtually invisible.

However, there are instances where our no-sanding method may not be suitable, including:

Floors that have been waxed

Floors with residue from other household chemicals, such as furniture polish, glass cleaner, insecticide, wallpaper paste, paint, or other chemical cleaners that hinder adhesion for a new finish

Floors with deep scratches and dents that penetrate both the finish and the wood

With over 37 years of experience, Olson Marble and Stone Care has been serving San Jose and the Greater Bay Area. We are the number one choice for all your interior and exterior natural stone, no-sanding hardwood floor refinishing, and concrete solutions.

Contact Olson Marble and Stone Care today to bring back the life and shine to your hardwood floors without the hassle of sanding.

No Sanding Hardwood Floor Refinishing
No Sanding Hardwood Floor Refinishing

No Sanding Hardwood Floor Refinishing
No Sanding Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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